What is Greinplast Elegance?

Greinplast Elegance is a new version of the latex paint, which has been in Greinplast's offer for several years now. Its modernised structure and improved colour scheme, place this product among the top interior paints in Poland.

The "Classic and elegant" collection comprises 50 ready colours. The paint is designed for decorative painting of walls and ceilings. Its rich and universally designed colour palette makes it possible to be applied in various types of rooms.

The Greinplast Elegance paint is characterised by exceptional resistance to scrubbing,  high covering properties and multipurposeness. It can be used both for painting residential or office interiors, and in such spaces as kitchens or bathrooms.



Farba lateksowa Greinplast Elegance FWK

Odporna na zabrudzenia, lateksowa farba do malowania ścian i sufitów o bardzo dobrej sile krycia. Kolekcja zawiera 60 gotowych odcieni dostosowanych do różnych typów pomnieszczeń.


Tester kolorystyczny farby Greinplast Elegance FWK

Jednorazowa saszetka z farbą lateksową do malowania ścian i sufitów z kolekcji gotowych kolorów Klasycznie i Elegancko.

wysoka siła krycia również do kuchni i łazienek odporna na szorowanie


Arrangement wizard

Selection of colors that are to be used to paint the walls in a room is not an easy task. We have prepared a useful application, to help you to create an optimal combination of colors that appear on adjacent surfaces of the walls and ceiling. With it,  you can select the color combination that suits you in a simple and intuitive way.

Follow the below o use the application
- choose a photo of one of the proposed premises,
- indicate a color on the available palette of colors,
- indicate on the photo the surface the color of which is to be modified .

The created arrangement can be easy saved or share with friends
Please try out the application.

go to arrangement wizard

Kreator aranżacji


The suggested colour scheme allows for harmony in interior design, based on the classical principles of design. The collection consists of muted colours, which are perfect also for modern residential and office interiors.

When selecting the hues for the "Classic and elegant" collection, we were inspired by colours which come from natural materials, such as: wood, stone, ceramics or precious fibers. The timelessness and multipurposeness of the nature-inspired colours allow them to be easily composed together. Rooms which have been painted with natural colours, bring more comfort and pleasure. In the section of colour inspirations, you will find our suggestions for paint colours, recommended for particular types of interiors.

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